Launching Promotion


Need more cloud storage?

You can create a link to a co-authoring document and share the link with your friends including those who are not DigitalQuick users.
You get 100 MB of additional cloud storage each time your friend becomes a DigitalQuick user via the document link you sent.
Don’t miss out the chance because you can increase your cloud storage up to 3GB by participating in this event.

Create a link

Create a link to a co-edit document

You can share the latest version of the document with your friends and coworkers by creating a download link.
Simply follow the steps below to create a download link to a co-edit document.

1. Log in to a DigtalQuick 2 website.
2. Click on [Documents] located at the upper left corner and go to "My Documents" tab.
3. Under “My Documents” tab, choose a document to which you wish to create a link.
4. Right click or select “Create a Link” button from the upper tool bar.

You can check the link you have just created by clicking on the “Link” menu.
The maximum number of downloads and expiry dates for each download link are automatically set for you.
As a default, each download link will last for one week and allow up to 10 downloads.

Note: Buy DigitalQuick Pro and get up to 50 downloads.