Enjoy more efficient collaboration
through DigitalQuick Pro

DigitalQuick Pro can improve your work efficiency with expanded document storage and extended document sharing with more colleagues.


Are you in a situation like this?

  • Multiple files are delivered repeatedly everyday as there are modifications on the files.
  • Not possible to trace the people who accessed the shared important documents.
  • Documents are saved only in an office computer which cannot be accessed after work hours or during business travel.
  • Important company documents deleted due to a hardware failure.

DigitalQuick will change the way you work

  • You always have the access to the latest version and the version history of a document.
  • Changes you have made to a document in your personal computer are automatically updated to all the shared documents.
  • You can always check how the shared documents are used and where they were distributed.
  • Data loss is prevented as all the deleted or formatted documents are safely stored in the cloud storage.