DigitalQuick is an efficient collaborative service that enables co-editing and version management through sharing documents.

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  • Make a DigitalQuick

    Create a DigitalQuick document
    in desktop or mobile. Then you can start
    managing document versions.

  • Start co-editing

    Collaborate with sharers using
    Check-in and Check-out features.

  • Use the latest version of
    a document

    Use the latest version that is automatically
    updated and check the history of document changes.

  • Easy creation and distribution of a DigitalQuick document

    With a few clicks, a user can create a DigitalQuick document whose versions may be managed. A document thus created is shared with colleagues and friends for collaboration, and when viewed, the document is automatically updated to the last modified.

  • Managing document history

    Once created, a DigitalQuick document may be copied, moved, and have its name changed, while a changed document is managed as an equal DigitalQuick document.
    Also, on checking in a document, a user can leave a note on what is modified to keep a history of changes.

  • Secure cloud storage available for free

    Total cloud storage of 500MB with maximum document size of 50MB is provided for free. When important documents from your computer are converted into DigitalQuick documents, their different versions are safely kept in the cloud, so there's nothing to worry about data loss.

  • DigitalQuick supports Mobile devices

    DigitalQuick is available for both iOS and Android. DigitalQuick Mobile allows you to create, share and collaborate your work among others anywhere at any time.

  • DigitalQuick supports Microsoft Outlook

    You can easily convert attached documents to DigitalQuick documents,
    and add who to share these documents with based on the email recipient.

DigitalQuick2 Launch Promotion

Need more cloud storage?

By creating a link to a DigitalQuick document you're working on, you can distribute it to friends who are not members of DigitalQuick. If your friend signs up through the document link you send, you will get additional 100MB of cloud storage. If you’re a free member, don’t miss out on a chance to expand the storage up to 3GB.

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DigitalQuick Basic

  • Document size up to 50MB with total 500MB of cloud storage provided.
  • Document versions stored for a week.
  • Up to 5 document versions maintained.
  • A user can use up to 3 devices.

DigitalQuick Pro

  • Document size up to 1GB with total 30GB of cloud storage provided.
  • Document versions stored for 3 months.
  • Up to 20 document versions maintained.
  • A user can use up to 10 devices.
$7.99 per month